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Assembly Required is a music library from composer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Waldo (Samarei)
All compositions were written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Samarei himself. By using live instruments exclusively (no midi, no problem!), the character and nuance of the performance can be felt in each recording. Each sample sounds lush, gritty, and full of life.
These songs were composed to provide an experience for producers reminiscent of coming home from the record store with a stack of vinyl.
 Written with producers in mind, these samples are perfect to manipulate to fit any record.
Instruments Include:
Guitars (Gibson, Carvin, Yamaha)
Fender Jazz Bass
Hammond and YC series Organs
Crumar Orchestrator
Fenders Rhodes Mk.1
Moog Prodigy
Korg Minilogue
Various Boutique FX
and more..
Hassle-free sample clearance (details)
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